Here at the Floristry School in Leinster we see as spring slips away and summer starts to appear, all the flower growers are very busy, sowing, pricking out, potting up and tending to young and vulnerable plants. Watching the weather and how quickly it can change we yet delight as we see some beautiful Irish flowers appearing in bud for use here at our flower school. As the narcissus hyacinths and tulips bloom fade, into bud arrives the beautiful elegant stems of lily of the valley, ranunculus, anemones and alstroemeria. Learn how to make beautiful floral crowns for your wedding, first communion or favourite festival, using these summer florals another few weeks will take us well into summer and our classes and workshops will concentrate on locally grown produce that we can use or even grow ourselves and create innovative modern designs for everyday use. were looking forward to our summer season of classes and workshops learning new skills and practices. for more information email