Floral Experience


Floristry workshop creating 2 seasonal floral designs in a real-life floristry workshop. It’s a fun floral experience, a lovely hobby to get into – and one that will certainly make all the difference to your interior décor. There is something exciting for every level of expertise. Refreshments provided.


Your delivery of flowers has been specially prepared for you. It may come in the form of a floral design in floral foam or a bouquet in a reservoir of water and flower food.
Display in a cool shady place away from any draughts, direct heat or sunlight. Top up with flower food according to the manufacturer's instructions. If your flowers are being transferred into a vase, make sure the vase is clean. All foliage should be removed below the water line and stems cut at an angle to improve water absorption. Lily pollen may stain if touched, so carefully remove stamens from newly opened flowers. Avoid direct skin contact with pollen. We strongly recommend that you do not place your flowers or plants on an unprotected surface. Flowers and plants are for display only and should not be eaten. Certain plants can cause skin irritations, if so wash the affected area with cold water. Do not touch irritated skin and if symptoms persist, consult your doctor. Keep out of the reach of children and pets.