When we’re making flower arrangements we need to consider many of the principles and elements of design and put these into practice.
The elements of design are, texture, form, colour, space, and line.

TEXTURE gives the flower arrangement interest, balancing different visual and physical textures together for both look and feel.

LINE provides many things for a flower arrangement, helping give it shape and structure whilst also giving a path to draw the viewers eye over the design.

FORM is the shape of your plant materials and flowers as well as pots/containers. These are the shapes such as linear round pointed, hanging etc that are both growth habit and shape. These in turn contribute to the overall floral design.

COLOUR is perhaps the most vivid and noticeable element. Colour is seen on the as pure colour (hue) and darker (tones) and lighter (tints). There are primary colours with secondary colours and also warm and cool colours. All this contributes to our flower arranging classes

SPACE is evident both inside and outside your floral design. From the space, your design fits into, to the space around each individual flower and also enclosed spaces of looped foliage or grasses.
Learn how to use your floral design elements to create wonderful designs at our floral design studio.

Weekly classes are available and also morning and afternoon workshops at our real life floristry workshop in Monasterboice.